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One Report - A Wealth of Information

Top 25 FDCPA Plaintiffs

Top 25 TCPA Plaintiffs

Top 25 FCRA Plaintiffs

2020 was a busy year for consumer litigation. This report will give you the top 25 most active consumer plaintiffs responsible for the most filings in each of the big three consumer statutes, plus the attorneys they used, the jurisdictions they file in and the total number of suits they have filed.

PLUS... as a special bonus, we are including a list of the Top 50 most active consumer attorneys of 2020 including what types of suits they file, where they sue, how many suits they file and who their associates are!

Like this concept? Keep Using WebRecon to Filter Out Professional Plaintiffs BEFORE They Have the Chance to Sue You

WebRecon has developed a proprietary suite of powerful tools to identify high-risk consumers (and companies!) that can get you in trouble. Join hundreds of the top creditors, collection agencies and digital marketers using WebRecon to avoid unnecessary litigation with the following resources:

The Litigant Alert Batch Process or API

Identify consumers with a history of litigation quickly & easily. If they have ever filed lawsuits under FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA or similar statutes, you’ll find out here.

The Litigant Alert Monitoring Process

WebRecon can monitor your entire database for future instances of consumer litigation. When one of your consumers files against anyone in the future, you’ll be the first to know.

Consumer Litigation Search Engine

Instantly and easily search our proprietary database for any lawsuit participant – Plaintiff, Defendant or Attorney.  We’ll show you the full consumer litigation history of any participant, including a copy of the actual lawsuit in many cases.

Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub or API

Would you knowingly dial a number attached to a consumer with a history of litigation? Identify high-risk phones quickly & easily, before you expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

Vendor Monitoring - No Vicarious Liability!

We track consumer litigation, CFPB, BBB and State AG Office complaints against the companies you do business with. When a new complaint is filed against any of the companies you are monitoring, we’ll alert you.

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